Posted by: mccordalliance | May 3, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Let the wild rumpus start!  Baby McCord is 53 days away from his arrival.  We are happy to say that his room is done.  Well, almost done.  We still need to hang some artwork, get the chair in and put stuff away.  But, we are so much closer than we were.

I didn’t really want a themed room- like we went to the store and bought everything to match the bedding that we could.  So, we were looking for inspiration online, and came across a “Where the Wild Things Are” nursery.  What a classic story!  We decided to go with some Wild Thing decor and bedding to coordinate.  Chris did have a lot of fun finding Wild Things items on Ebay, so we have a couple of prints to frame, a set of figures, and a set of stuffed characters.   I hope this child won’t be scared of monsters in his room!

Baby's Room

Baby's Room

Crib and bedding

Crib and bedding

Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

awesome artwork by our friend Neil

awesome artwork by our friend Neil

Next up, put things away and hang the artwork.  We are going to mount a shelf on the wall to put the figures on…we might put his name on the wall if we ever decide on one!  Curtains and valance are coming too.  I’ve been washing all his clothes, sheets, blankets, etc and love to ooh and ahh over how tiny and cute everything is.  I can’t believe we’re going to have a little person to fit into all these tiny clothes!

We finish birth classes this week.  Hopefully they have prepared me to give birth, and prepared Chris to meet all demands I have while in labor.  He will be a great coach- he’s been practicing saying “you’re doing great honey!” over and over.  I think we’re ready for this little guy to get here!



  1. very original. i LOVE it! 😉

  2. I was wondering where you got the crib side padding at? we are also doing our Nursery in this theme and love the bumper you have

  3. Love the figures in your picture…where did you find those? They aren’t Kubrick…do you know what they are called…I like yours better 🙂


    • Oh I found them on Ebay…just took some searching! 🙂

  4. @ Jennifer- they are McFarlane figures. My husband bought them- I think on Ebay. Glad you found them!

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