Posted by: mccordalliance | March 10, 2009

Making Room for Baby

Chris and I have been doing some spring cleaning.  Mainly, getting the nursery ready!  We cleaned out the exercise room/back bedroom, and moved the contents of the music room to the back of the house.  Baby Bean’s room is going to be the bedroom at the front of the house, right next to ours.  Closer for those late-night feedings!  So, now the new music room is at the back of the house, and Chris has been putting it all together to his liking.  The nursery is empty, and waiting for paint, furniture, and cute baby decor.

I had this great idea to do custom bedding.  But, have you met me?  I’m a little indecisive, and selecting fabric just totally overwhelmed me!  Geez, there are way too many options in life, so I shouldn’t stress about fabric!  So, I think I’ve found the perfect already-made bedding that isn’t too cutesy, too babyish, or too much of a theme.  We have selected artwork, and some decor items, and the bedding should complement it perfectly.  I’m not going to give anything away until I actually buy the bedding, just in case I change my mind again!  I need to just give in and buy it so I can stop thinking about it.  Hopefully the furniture will arrive soon, so we can start putting it all together.

Wednesday will be 25 weeks- it’s going by so fast!  Baby Bean is moving around all the time.  Chris finally felt him move for the first time this weekend.  His movements come quickly and in little waves- like little pops.   I love it when he moves.  Not only is it reassurring that he’s growing in there, but it’s just fun to feel something going on in there!  We’re getting closer to a name.  We have a very short list and are working towards a decision.  It’s just such a final decision!  It’s kind of a big deal.  He’s going to be stuck with this name for the rest of his life!  I finally had Chris take pics of me last week so I could show off the belly I’m gr owning, but they’re on the other computer so I can’t share with you tonight.  Look for those soon!

My mom and I are going on a girls trip to Dallas this weekend.  Should be fun to get away for a couple of days and have some girl time.  Chris has a friend coming into town this weekend, so he’ll get to have a true boys weekend- no girls around!  I’m sure he’s looking forward to it.



  1. like you, i found the “baby biz” a little overwhelming as well… much like planning a wedding. though, i thoroughly enjoyed everything about it 😉

    note: i would recommend not stressing about settling on a name before his arrival. there’s something sweet about meeting him face-to-face and then deciding on which one of your short-list fits. good luck!

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