Posted by: mccordalliance | February 25, 2009

Baby Furniture

We ordered Baby Bean’s furniture this weekend.  We got a crib, a dresser and hutch in a dark espresso color.  Ideally, he could use it for his entire life, since the crib converts into a full-size crib, but I’m sure he’ll want a racecar bed or bunkbeds or something else at some point in his life.  And I’m sure he’ll get what he wants, because Chris and I are both pushovers. 

Baby Bean still doesn’t have a name.  He is fluttering around in there, and I have a feeling he’ll start kicking me anyday.  Based on my expanding belly, he is growing rapidly.  We have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully I’ll have some kind of exciting baby update.

Here’s a pic of the furniture we bought, minus the tall dresser on the left.  Next stop: Bedding!!!




  1. Really, he could use this furniture his ENTIRE LIFE? Poor kid never gets to grow up?

  2. So cute!! That is great furniture. Love your blog. Congrats on Baby Bean. 🙂

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