Posted by: mccordalliance | July 21, 2008

Fence post

This was a weekend of home improvement.  Mippy, it seems, wants to explore what’s beyond the fence, so he’s slowly been digging a spot under the fence.  Last week, we went to Lowe’s to get some materials to fix it. On the way home, we received a phone call from very nice neighbors who had captured our escaped dog.  Seems he finally worked his way out, slid under the gate, and made it all the way to the end of the block.  Chris and my step-dad spent Sunday morning digging and laying a stone area just around the gate so there will be no more digging.  It looks lovely, and I hope it keeps the dogs in. 

While the boys were working in the back, my mom and I worked in the flowerbeds in the front.  My thumb is definitely not green, so I got some great lessons in planting and caring for the flowers.  The beds are still a work in progress- our great lawn guy is going to make some fixes this week that are beyond me, like all the grass that is growing all over the front of the bed.  Maybe by next summer I’ll have the hang of this yard work thing.



  1. Good for you! I got a quote to redo our front flowerbeds at the beginning of summer for more than $1000! I refused to pay that and decided to do it myself. I ended up spending just over $500 and got the satisfaction of accomplishing it myself!

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