Posted by: mccordalliance | July 11, 2008


The new apple iPhone was released today.  I already have one and was really excited for the software update that I would be receiving with the new release. Chris, being the techhie that he is, is super excited and keeps threatening to trade his BlackBerry in for the new 3G.  But, I guess he figured updating mine would suffice for today, so he was up around 8, ready to upgrade.

Apparently, the rest of the world’s current iphone users had the same thought.  Apple’s activation servers went down.  So, my phone is a home.  It’s a brick (I’m excited to use this word, as I just yesterday learned what it means in the technology world).  Basically it’s dead and will only work for emergency calls.  I’m sure that all will be well once the servers are restored.  Except that Chris and I are at work, and my phone is at home, dead.  It’s like a really cool paperweight!

Who knew that one day we’d rely so much on a phone?  What if someone is calling me right now?  Or texting me with fabulous lunch plans that I’m missing out on?  In reality, I’m pretty accessible at the office right now, so I’m sure that is someone wanted to they could find me…but I’m so used to having my phone right next to me.  It’s weird!

I just printed off the forms to renew my passport, and in the upper right, in the official business area of the form, lists the form creation date, expiration date, etc.  There’s a line that reads “Estimated Burden: 30 Min”.  What do you suppose that means?  The amount of time it will take someone to process the form to update my passport?  Am I a burden to the government?  Geez, that really instills faith in the government- they think I’m a burden.  But, just a 30 minute burden.  At least I won’t take an hour or half the day.  If so, my passport would probably never even make it back to me.


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