Posted by: mccordalliance | June 3, 2008

Long weekends

Long weekends are the best. I wish every weekend could have 3 days. We spent the long Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis visiting my old roomate, Teresa.  I had a blast showing Chris around the city, taking him to my favorite spots, and introducing him to my friends.  He was a great sport.  Teresa just bought a house and it’s so cute!  She had a party on our last night there and it was fun to spend some time with some old friends.

We had a great weekend and did some really fun stuff.  Tried to watch some Indy 500 practice at the Motor Speedway, but it turned out to be a nasty day, so we just were wet and cold and saw no cars.  Bummer.  We did make it to Broad Ripple, take it a Great Scott! show, enjoy a walk around downtown and eat some great food.  Chris is a big fan of the Rathskeller and thinks the Biergarten is the coolest thing ever.

Indy skyline in the background

  We had a blast, but it sure was good to come home.  Owen was especially excited to see us.  He always is though.

We’re already staying busy this summer.  Pool parties, softball, concerts- we love it all.  It’s starting to get really hot though.  Crank up the AC!


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