Posted by: mccordalliance | May 20, 2008

Move it

Today was my last day of Bootcamp.  Some thought I was crazy for signing up, others couldn’t believe it.  I’m not exactly the most active or fitness-minded person.  But, despite getting up at 5:20 each morning, I really enjoyed bootcamp.  I ran, I squatted, I bear-crawled, I lifted, I ran with weights, I sweat, I cursed those energetic instructors with washboard abs.  I pushed myself and mostly surprised myself at what I could accomplish.  Today, I pushed a truck!  That’s pretty amazing, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done that three weeks ago.  I often felt so proud knowing that I had run miles, lifted lots of weight, did tons of squats, push-ups, etc before I even got my day started. 

I saw some improvement in my body, saw a few pounds go away, increased the number of push ups and sit ups that I can do, and greatly improved what I eat- but mostly, I learned that I don’t mind working out.  And that it can be fun.  I learned so many new exercises and ideas to make the workout interesting.  I won’t be continuing bootcamp for in June, but will continue using my mornings to work out.  It just won’t be quite as early…

There was a bootcamp picnic on Sunday, and I went to get extra credit.  I found it ironic that even though two of the only things we were specifically told not to consume- hot dogs and beer- were served in abundance at the picnic.  I passed on both- shocking, I know!  Casey and I threw a Frisbee around for a while, then actually had to be more active to get our credit.  We joined a game of ultimate Frisbee, and had so much fun.  Our team started a little shaky, but in the end, we rocked and we won!  What a workout- running, stopping, running the other way- but it was a blast.  I could work out all day doing stuff like that.

It’s re-energized me, and I’m ready to keep the momentum going.  Take advantage of the warmer and brighter days and get out and move!  Play a game in your backyard, walk around the neighborhood, go swimming- just get out and move!


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