Posted by: mccordalliance | April 30, 2008

Another Month…

without a post.  Sorry.  It’s been a busy month, but that’s always my excuse.  April is Festival of the Arts month.  It’s put on by the Arts Council, so that means a hectic time for me.  I’ve worked everyday since April 12.  But, the Festival came, was a huge success, and life is now getting back to normal.  The 6-day festival averaged 750,000 people, showcased art from 144 artists, featured 4 stages of entertainment, and some of the best food you’ll find.  It was a great time, and I’m actually somewhat sad it’s over. 

Here's a shot of Chris volunteering in the drink tent

An overhead shot of the artist row

 It takes a lot out of you to work 80-100+ hours in a week.  I’m now catching up on phone calls, emails, laundry, etc.  Chris just completed a class for a computer certification (sorry, Chris will have to tell you exactly what it is for) and just passed the first test, so he’s on his way to being certified.  I just started bootcamp- an intense 28-day diet and exercise program.  It’s been tough, but I’m feeling good, so I guess I’ll stick with it.  It’s only been 2 days, so ask me again in a week.


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