Posted by: mccordalliance | March 10, 2008


Here are some things I’ve observed lately that brought enough feelings to make me want to blog about them:

1.  I was at Walgreen’s the other night, and was drawn to the candy aisle.  I really wanted taffy, specifically Laffy Taffy.  They didn’t have any.  Or Tangy Taffy.  I settled with imitation Twizzlers, becuase Walgreen’s candy prices are high.  I’m still craving taffy.

2.  The guy in front of me at Walgreen’s was purchasing 2 large packs of Nicorette gum.  Then, he asked for 3 packs of Camel Lights.  I think he should pick one or the other, right?

3.  Interaction at the drive-through:  “Your total is $4.01”, so I hand over a 5 and a penny.  “$1.30 is your change”.  I was so thrown off that I didn’t even think fast enough to give back the extra thirty cents. 


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