Posted by: mccordalliance | January 23, 2008

One-Car Family

We have become a one-car family.  The McCord Accord died today.  One the way to work.  In morning rush hour traffic.  On the highway.  Luckily, I was smart enough to get to the exit (while slowing down traffic), get off the road, and into a parking lot.  My car appeared to be losing power- I accelerated and it kind of just revved up, but didn’t go any faster- slower in fact.  The road had some moisture on it, and at first I thought it was icy and I was just skidding.  Then, I heard a noise that sounded like I was dragging something.  So, I got over one lane, and decided to exit, go to a parking lot, drive around there and see if it got better.  I first parked my car to see if I was in fact dragging something.  When I got back in, I was stuck- the engine revs up, but no go.  Perhaps it was my transmission I was dragging?

So, after calling Chris, Charles and my mom, and a minor freak-out, I called roadside assistance for a tow-truck.  My mom came up to meet me and we had a great plan to get me to work, but then roadside said I had to be with the car.  As luck would have it, the tow truck got a flat tire en route, so we ended up waiting about 2 hours for him to get there. Finally got the car towed, got me home, got mom to her hair appoinment, and I worked from home today. 

We planned on buying a new car sometime- the next 6 months probably.  Just not right now.  We have to figure out what’s going on with the Accord, then if we want to fix it or trade it in.  Oh the curveballs life throws.  At least we’re being environmentally friendly this week, as we’ll just be using one-car, rather than two.  This is going to be interesting! 


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