Posted by: mccordalliance | September 28, 2007

Fall brings football

I love fall.  I love the crisp weather, the changing leaves, candy corn and school supplies.  These are the things I associate with fall.  Oh, and pumpkins.  I got really excited at Wal-Mart the other day because they have this fun display on the edge of the parking lot with bales of hay and all different kinds of pumpkins.

Fall also means football.  I grew up in a football family- there were usually 2 TVs set up in my grandparent’s living room with 2 games on at the same time.  My uncle was a superstar high school football player.  I went to my first OSU football game around age 7.  I loved Friday night games in high school, and weekend games in college. 

Lately, I’ve come to a shocking realization- I don’t really enjoy football very much.  Sure, I’m happy when my team scores.  And, I enjoy going to games.  But, what I enjoy about games is the social aspect of it.  I love tailgating and seeing old friends at OSU games.  And eating at my favorite Stillwater spots.  And people watching.  The game itself is secondary.  Football is fun, but it’s more of an event to me than a sport.  What to wear, what to do, who to see.  That’s more fun to me than how many yards someone rushed or threw or how many tackles someone had.  I’ll cheer loud and be proud when my team does good, but I probably can’t wait for the game to be over. 

I’ve married a football fan. I think he might be a football fanatic.  He’s definitely into the Sooners, and therefore also keeping up with the other NCAA teams.  He has fantasy teams, so he also has to watch the NFL.  I feel like football is on in our house every day.  It’s not quite October and I feel like I’ve already watched a entire season of football.  There’s no slowing down until the Superbowl.  January!  Seriously?!

Now, I do get excited for televised away OU games.  Because these mean watch parties.  Although we’re watching the Sooners, I love OU away games.  Watch parties mean finger foods- queso, little smokies, pizza- a wonderful offering of dips, snacks, appetizers and all other things that are bad for you.  I’m a sucker for all foods that fall into these categories.  It also means lots of friends in one place.  All hanging out, having a good time, and enjoying themselves.  And though you might catch me clapping a time or two for the Sooners, you won’t catch me wearing any crimson.  You will find me hanging out by the food, beer in hand, happy.  This is my favorite way to spend a Saturday in the fall. 


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