Posted by: mccordalliance | September 11, 2007

We miss you Playa del Carmen


So, the honeymoon was amazing.  We went to Playa del Carmen and stayed at the Royal Playa del Carmen.  If you are planning a trip to the Riviera Maya, you really must stay here.  From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty (minus our room not being ready, but you can take care of that in advance, which we now know for next time!).

The resort has about 500 rooms, so it’s big.  But, it’s all around gorgeous.  Lots of open-air spaces and restaurants, beautiful landscaping, a huge pool, and easy beach access.  It was all-inclusive so everything was taken care of.  Most of our days were spent lounging around the pool or on the beach as the servers brought us pina coladas and Tecates. 

Our only attempt at activity was a fishing trip on Wednesday morning.  Chris had booked the trip before we got there. We arrived on the beach at 7 am looking for Eddy, our fishing guide.  He told us that his boat had been damaged during the previous storms, so his friends were taking us out on their boat.  Problem #1- their English was not so good.  Problem #2- a storm was moving in, so the water was a little choppy.  We boarded the small fishing boat (that didn’t have life jackets) and went on our way.  These guys basically set up all the poles and bait and everything, and when something bites, start yelling at you to come reel it in.  So, Chris promptly “catches” his first fish within the first 15 minutes on the boat.  I am sitting at the front of the boat, feeling a little sick.  As we continue in to the water, I starts feeling worse and then get sea sick.  Another fish is biting, so Chris is trying his hardest to reel the big one in while I am busy throwing up over the side of the boat.  After a long struggle, the fish gets away, I am still getting sick, so Chris ultimitely decides to head back to shore.  We lasted about an hour on our fishing expedition.  We took a nap, hit the pool, then occupied the pool bar while the rains came.

The trip was so relaxing and fun.  A perfect way to celebrate our new marriage.  Oh, and it was only about a block from downtown Playa del Carmen, which features lots of shops, restaurants and bars.  We didn’t really eat outside of the resort, or do much shopping, or go to bars, but it was really fun to walk down and see everything.

 After a week of people waiting on you basically hand and foot, it was so hard to come back to reality.  I mean, I have to cook my own food now.  And clean my own house.  No fun at all!



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