Posted by: mccordalliance | August 20, 2007

Eye of the Tiger (Hurricane Dean)

Hurricane Dean is blowing his way through the Carribbean.  He’s a feisty guy- working his way all the way up to a Category 5.  He has the characteristics of the strongest possible winds with an ever-changing eye.

How do I know so much about Dean?  I’ve been reading up on him all over the Internet, and watching lots of news shows about him.  Why do I care so much about Dean?  Well, tonight, he’s heading right for the Yucatan Peninsula.  Home of Playa del Carmen, which is where we are headed for our honeymoon.  There’s still a chance he could shift and go more north towards Cancun, or more south away from Playa.  However, that’s still a big storm- will is wash up debris, change the landscape of the beaches, affect the temperature or weather?  Not sure until it hits.  We’re keeping an eye on it and will have to determine at the end of the week if we go or not.

What else does Dean mean for us?  Well, as it moves more inland, the effects of Dean could trickle into Oklahoma.  Specifically on Saturday!  Right now, they’re saying we might see some rain on Thursday night, possibly into the weekend.  Possibly is a strong word in Oklahoma.  Will Rogers once said about Oklahoma, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”  Yes, in Oklahoma, one is never sure.  We had a mini-hurricane here Saturday night (seriously, there was an eye and everything).  I’ve seen the rain chances for Saturday go from 20% up to 60%.  It changes daily, but in the end, it all comes down Dean.

So, Dean, I hope you’re listening and that you cooperate with me.  Just break up your storm!  You don’t want to be a big mean storm anyway.  If you’re going to insist on coming, chagne your direction- the father you are from Playa and from Oklahoma, the happier I’ll be!


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