Posted by: mccordalliance | August 9, 2007

Getting close

16 days to go!  I think I’m finally starting to feel stressed.  I feel like I’ve done so much planning for this wedding, yet there’s still so much to do.  Really, the day of is what is stressing me out.  We can’t start setting up until 12, which means that I can’t be there for any of the set-up.   At least not until after hair.  I know I have lots of helpers that will be there to work, but so often, I just want to do things myself so I know that they’re done exactly how I want them.  This is one of those times!  I know in the end, everything will be fine and great and perfect, but there’s so much to do to make sure it is perfect.  Maybe if I just don’t think about it, I won’t stress about it!

 My bachelorette party is this weekend.  Cari has put together a fun party and I sure me and the girls will have a great time.  We have a very fun crew for the party, and even more coming out later to dance the night away!  Good times will be had by all, I’m sure.  As long as they don’t make me wear a stupid veil, shirt, or drink from silly straws.  Tiaras are okay though.

It’s extremely hot here.  I can’t wait to get to Mexico and be on the beach!  I hope that the weather cools off somewhat in the next 2 weeks.  Outdoor weddings in 100 degree heat are not a good combo. 


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