Posted by: mccordalliance | August 2, 2007

T-23 days

Yes, 23 days to go!  Yay!  I feel like there are a hundred things to do, yet I’m ready for this thing to get here!  We need to do final meetings with the caterer, DJ and photographer.  Maybe one last visit to the vineyard.  Coordinate with our day of helpers.  I have tons of craft projects left- finish decorating letters for the cake table, print the programs and tie them together, glue sparkly stones on the cake topper, buy stuff to make boquets, etc…  RSVPs have been steadily coming in and it’s so fun to see who is coming!  Wedding planning is a lot of work and now I see why people hire others to do these things for them!  Despite all these things, I’m very calm about the wedding and ready it to be here and for the fun to begin!

I feel like the summer has sped by at warp speed.  I can’t really say that I’ve done much.  The rain kept us in a lot.  Chris has his bachelor party this weekend.  Yikes!  My bachelorette party is next weekend.  Fun!

We’ve had 2 showers lately.  Our friends Scott and Casey threw a couples shower BBQ for us 2 weeks ago.  It was so fun and we had a great time celebrating with all of our friends.  My mom and sister hosted a shower for the girls last weekend at Mom’s new house.  It was sweet and lovely.   It’s been so much fun to open gifts and do wedding stuff.  I know that’s not what it’s about, but it’s been so fun.  We’re so blessed to have so many friends and family to share this time with!



  1. celena – i know you will be a beautiful bride! i can’t wait to see pictures of the whole event. enjoy every moment of your big day and remember – don’t sweat the small stuff!

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